Fun with KoolAid: Take 1

A first pass at trying to achieve an
ombre-dyed scarf.

  Start with one handknit Debbie Bliss
Cashmerino Superchunky
2x2 rib scarf.

Add Black Cherry Kool Aid
(1 packet per ounce of yarn).

Separate the scarf into thirds
and mark with pins.

Soak the scarf in a
warm water and vinegar
solution for at least
30 minutes.

Heat a large pot of water on the
stove just below boiling
and stir in Kool Aid.

Note: The amount of water
doesn't effect the strength
of the dye, so make sure the
water is high enough
to cover the scarf.

Leave whole scarf in for 3 minutes.

Take out one third of scarf.

Repeat with second third of scarf.

Leave final third of scarf in
until water is clear.