September 25, 2005

All Done!

It's amazing how much knitting you can get done on a train ride and while waiting around in a lounge.


I weaved in the ends this morning. It fits perfectly!

A few more detail shots:


I washed the sweater in the washing machine with cold water, and then popped it in the dryer for 15 minutes on the lowest heat setting. The stitches relaxed and the overall fabric got slightly fluffier -- really nice.

This sweater is everything I had hoped. It's comfy. It fits.

Pattern: Zipo from the All Seasons Cotton Collection
Yarn: All Seasons Cotton in Slash (color 161) -- less than 13 balls
Mods: I loosely followed the pattern. I used the slip stitch ribbing but knit the whole sweater in the round. I wanted to go in between two sizes so I modified the neck and shoulders to fit. I also used the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns for a modified drop shoulder. I wanted a comfy and cozy fit, but not overly sloppy.

Leftover Yarn

I have 6+ balls of yarn leftover. Anyone interested in a trade or purchase? Retail is $51 for the 6 balls. I'll sell the lot of $37 including shipping.

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September 20, 2005

Yup, More Zipo


Keeping my commitment -- sleeve inserted and placket knitted.

What's left: knit right sleeve, insert right sleeve, knit neckband, weave in a million ends*

* Million ends courtesy of Rowan. Small yardage combined with knots in one-third of the balls used so far. Rowan, you're giving Debbie Bliss a run for her money.

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September 19, 2005


Encouraged by so many bloggers who have been pushing themselves through the doldrums of their own projects, I finished sleeve one on Zipo this weekend!

sleeve one done!

Oh yeah, I'm getting close!

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September 12, 2005

Houston We Have a Body


I've been forcing myself to knit on this every day. It's not complicated knitting -- it's booooooring knitting.

Saturday evening I finished up the neckline and 3 needle bound-off the shoulders. It looked a little wide so a trial fitting was in order.

I had a small bit of panic because I shortened the length about a three-quarters of an inch to try and account for the cotton stretching out. I also made the sweater about 2 inches wider than most of his sweaters so it would be a little looser and more casual. I was confident both of those choices were good, but major panic ensues when you consider the possibility of having to -- yet again -- frog this most basic of sweaters.

But I'm happy to report that the fitting was a total success!

To keep the momentum going I already have the cuff of one of the sleeves on the needles. I find if I only have a little bit of time that I won't cast on something new. I wanted to make sure I didn't have any excuses for not working on this sweater. I'm doing it on 2 circs to keep the seaming to a minimum.

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March 10, 2005

8 To Go*


I'm past the armholes on the back now, so it should be smooth sailing!

While working on it last night I thought some of you might like to see how I do the armhole curves. I think I saw this first in EZ's Knitting Without Tears. You see how my edges don't do any of that stair-stepping? It makes the curves nicer and sewing it up far easier! Wanna see what I do? Here are a few pics for you too!

* inches left on the back

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March 07, 2005

I Got Yarn!

Coming home to 2 packages of yarn on Friday was just the way to start my wonderful weekend.

Friday, Stella came over. We ordered in sandwiches and knitted the whole night. We seem to have started this semi-regular Friday night get together and it's really nice and relaxing. We put on some Tivo and chat and before you know it it's 1 AM!

Saturday, Katy came down to visit Christy and myself. We had a great time. We visited Rosie's and Sophie's and the only thing I bought was a pattern pamphlet. Yay! No new stash enhancement :) Afterwards we went back to Christy's place and Michelle made awesome Apple Cookies. Not applesauce cookies, but cookies with chunks of apple in them and a sugary frosting on top (I had planned to show you a pic, but well, they're all gone).

We were all having such a good time that we ate dinner right through Katy's train! Luckily there was one an hour later so it wasn't too bad. It was great to have a day with just girlfriends. I haven't done that in quite a few weeks.

Yesterday I woke up and had the urge to cook, so I made a pot of meatballs and sauce. These were no average meatballs. They were amazing. I've been tweaking my meatball recipe for quite some time now and I finally got it right.

Bruschetta   mmmm cookies!

I also made Bruschetta and chocolate chip cookies. Even though this was quite a bit of cooking I did get some more time in on Zipo.

Zipo Front

That's 2 full balls out of the 13 needed for the whole sweater. I have 15 days to knit another 11 balls, plus I need to knit one more Sockapalooza sock by next weekend. Zipo is a lot of fun to knit though and I still think I can make it. I love the way the painted ASC looks in the reverse stockinette stitch and the slip stitch "ribbing" is pretty cool too.

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