December 13, 2005

Made a Natalya?


Have you made a pair of Natalya gauntlets? I've decided I'd like to start a readers' gallery. If you have -- and you'd like to be included -- please leave me a comment. As the weather has gotten colder I've been getting some questions and comments from people so I know some of you are working on them again. It's so much fun to see all the different varieties that you all come up with from such a simple pattern!

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January 13, 2005

Natalya Update

I've made some updates to Natalya:

  • Gusset row 4 was missing a K1
  • Added some materials to the list (cable needle, etc.) and fixed a few typos)
  • Changed the filename to just be natalya.PDF. I noticed some blogs were linking directly to the PDF and since I had the version number in the filename, those links would always bring up the first version of the pattern I published. This way, your links will always work and you'll get the latest version. It does, however, mean that the links to the first version of the pattern will no longer work. Sorry about that -- I want to make sure everyone gets the updates though.

The new pattern can be found here. All updates are in pink so they're easy to find.

Thanks to Karen and Siow Chin for the feedback.

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January 10, 2005

Natalya Pattern


You asked for it so here she is -- the Natalya pattern. I will probably make a separate page for this later, but for now I'm just linking to the PDF. If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to ask. And if you do make up a pair and like them, let me know that too!

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January 06, 2005

I Cheated

Clap050106I couldn't hold out any longer. Last night wihile knitting on Clapotis I decided to drop all the stitches. See?

I love it! The drape is wonderful and I continue to be amazed at how special such a simple pattern can be.

I think I spent 10 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror last night draping it a variety of ways. It's so much fun and I can really see why people say they plan on making more than one.

I'm using Over The Rainbow's 50/50 silk/merino yarn in the colorway Nite Rainbow. It's the same yarn that Kate is using. Kate mentioned a few days ago that she ran out of yarn after 9 straight repeats, so I've been concerned that I'd run out too. I'm done with 6 and still have a lot left but I'm still crossing my fingers that I don't run out.


I don't think I ever showed you the gauntlet (note -- singular usage) I made for Kelly for Christmas. Here she is:


I'm calling her Natalya. The gauntlet took a little more than half a hank of Classic Elite Lush. I've been working on finishing up gauntlet number two when I noticed last night that I messed up a cable way down toward the end. I've been doing the crossovers every 4 rows but on one of them I did it at 4.5 rows -- so one half looks fine and the other half is elongated. I remember thinking at one point that a cable looked too tight. It must have been after that row because that would have only been three rows later. This gets back to yesterday's post -- trust your instincts!!!

So I need to frog most of it and fix the cable :(

On a positive note I really like the way these turned out. I've kept track of the pattern and have started writing it up. Let me know if you're interested and I can post it when I'm done.

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