December 04, 2005

I Am Weak


Like many of you, I vowed not to inflict any holiday knitting upon myself. And yet here we are, with a new scarf on the needles. For someone else. For Christmas.

It all started a couple weeks ago when talking with Kelly. She mentioned that my mom said she loved her Feather and Fan scarf that I gave her last year, but she would like something warmer.

How's a knitter to say no to that? Add in a little Catholic guilt and we're good to go.


  • Leaf Lace Scarf from VK Summer 05
  • Elsebeth Lavold Angora

Thoughts so far...

The yarn is really nice. It's a bit inelastic but the softness is wonderful. I've only made one mod so far. Instead of doing a two-stitch purl edge on each side, I've opted to do an i-cord edging. Here's a closeup of the WS.

I may need to buy more yarn. I bought 5 hanks and I'm almost done with one but it's only 10 inches long. Warm and cuddly usually mean 2 wraps around the neck and plenty left over to cover the opening of the coat. So I think I may be going back to buy 1 or 2 more hanks.

A 6 or 7 hank scarf, plus 2 other gifts I'll show you soon. Are you all laughing at me yet?

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