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November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Socks

gusset   just hangin' out   heel


Pattern Jaywalker. 84 stitch sock at 9 spi (pattern recommended just under 8 spi but I liked the yarn better at 9).
Yarn Tess Super Socks in an unknown coloway (if I had to guess I'd say Confetti). Is it just me or does Tess not mark the hanks with the colorway?
Yardage I used 80 grams which translates to approximately 360 yards.
Needles 2-2.5mm/US 1 Addi Turbos


I made several small mods to the pattern.

  • I used a tubular cast-on and did a 1x1 rib instead of a 2x2 rib at the top.
  • I used 2 circs instead of DPNs. The pattern adjusted to the circs just fine, but you did need to think about where to split between the 2 circs. Because of the way the pattern increases and decreases you need to split the circs right where 2 increases occur. In order to do this and still have the pattern look right you also need to do the first increase at the end of needle 2 (so the increases are right next to each other). I don't know if I'm explaining this well, but leave a comment if this doesn't make sense. It's not critical that you split the needles this way, but if you don't you'll have to reshuffle stitches every 7 or 8 rows.
  • Garter stitch short row heel. I didn't follow any pattern for this so I'm not sure I did this correctly. I wrapped all but 9 sts for the 84 stitch sock. When going to pickup the wraps I had to pickup the WS wraps differently. This surprised me at first since it's garter st. On the WS rows I lifted the wraps off of the stitch that it wrapped. So from right to left my left-hand needle had 2 wraps and then the stitch itself. Then I did a sssk (knitted all 3 together). This formed the best-looking RS. If anyone knows of a better way to pickup wraps on the WS of garter stitch please let me know!
  • Once I finished the heel I needed to decrease a bit. So I added in a 3-stitch gusset. The first 3 rows after I finished the heel included the double decreases at the sides. After that I did a SSK or K2tog just like the pattern says.

Thoughts on the yarn

This yarn is a dream to knit with! I can't believe I've had Tess sock yarn in my stash for a year! It is very stretchy and with 20% nylon I expect it will hold up well. There was a considerable difference in softness once I washed them. I washed the first sock as soon as I was done and you could really tell which one had been washed. The yarn did lose some magenta color when washing but I only knew that because of the color of the water. The yarn itself remained vivid.

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Gorgeous socks, don't you just love the fact it's cold out there and we can wear them all the time?

Posted by: Tracy | Nov 25, 2005 6:38:25 AM

Cute cute cute! I love the colourway, whatever it is!

Posted by: Dani | Nov 25, 2005 7:47:33 AM

Very nice! I love the color and the way the sock shows off the yarn. Very good work.

Posted by: margene | Nov 25, 2005 8:51:37 AM

Great job! So, by lifting off the wraps, are you doing more of a YO thingie?

Posted by: Colleen | Nov 25, 2005 9:16:25 AM

wow!! cute socks... beautiful stripes.

Posted by: blossom | Nov 25, 2005 10:21:41 AM

I love the socks, very cool!

Posted by: Kris | Nov 25, 2005 10:37:58 AM

So pretty! I love the way your heels turned out, lined up so perfectly with the stitch pattern, and that yarn is beautiful! Enjoy.

Posted by: Karma | Nov 25, 2005 11:01:30 AM

Very cute! If I were to knit myself a pair, it would be a short ankle version like you've made here. Should I include them in the gallery?

Posted by: grumperina | Nov 25, 2005 12:06:55 PM

Love the socks! Your cast-on and 1x1 rib is a nice change. I may have to borrow your idea!

Posted by: Kristy | Nov 25, 2005 1:42:39 PM

Tess' doesn't mark the skeins. Makes me crazy.

They look awesome. Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Christy | Nov 25, 2005 5:13:02 PM

Beautiful socks Jody! I have a Q...what do you use for your provisional yarn when starting the tubular C.O.? I just started my Jaywalkers and I wanted a 2x2 tubular...I used other sock yarn, cotton blend sock yarn and finally Perle Cotton and it was just so difficult to dig out the stitches from the provisional, after 4 tries (and many naughty words!) I ripped and went with a german twisted C.O. -- so what's your secret?

Posted by: Debi | Nov 26, 2005 12:10:03 AM

Great socks! I love Tess yarns -- I am working on a sock right now in it, and it is just a dream to work with. Love your pair, Jody ;)

Posted by: Lolly | Nov 26, 2005 8:06:21 AM

Beautiful socks!!

Posted by: ada | Nov 27, 2005 2:23:47 PM

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