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November 17, 2005

Got Lucky

Ann   Jacq

The mail has been so much fun this week!

On Saturday I got my final Better Pal package. I learned that my pal was Ann! Ann was a fantastic pal. We didn't know each other very well beforehand, so she asked Katy for some help. Well the two of you did really well!

The final package is up there on the left. I got 2 hanks of Manos in a beautiful purple and red colorway. I'm thinking scarf but not sure of a pattern yet. And then I got a cute Santa plate, a notebook (great timing since my knitting bag notebook is out of paper) and a package of mulling spices.

I didn't realize until I took this pic that the metal Christmas tree on the front is also a spice ball. I thought it was an ornament! I make mulled cider all winter so this will be put to good use very soon.

The package on the right is from a swap that Jacqueline and I did. Wow there's a lot of yarn in there. I am pretty certain that she went way over budget on this package. I am thrilled with everything!

The turqoise handdyed in the back is a super-soft worsted weight wool. It has to be a scarf because it's so soft.

The red yarn in front is a tweed yarn from Marta's Yarns. I've been tweed-obsessed lately so this is perfect.

The green laceweight is also from Marta's. I will be casting on for a Lace Leaf Shawl soon but since it's to teach a class I need to use a yarn available in the store. It's too bad because this green would be perfect for it.

The purple mohair is a deep shade with slight hints of pink in it. I don't know the yardage on it (Jacq - do you happen to know?) so I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. It's very soft though so it needs to be made into something I get to touch often.

The black skein is a 200 gram monster-sized ball of black 100% alpaca. It's a gorgeous, tightly spun yarn that needs to be showcased right. I love the look of the tighter spin so I'm thinking I'd like to incorporate some kind of dropped stitch in there.

The final yarn is the bright pink wool-angora blend. This is my favorite! It's unlike anything I'd ever buy myself but I can definitely see myself wearing it. It has a perfect proportion of angora (30%) so it's soft but not overly fly away and itchy. This has to be a scarf and will probably be the first thing I cast on for out of this package. I need to find the perfect project for it though. Jacq thought the backyard leaves from Scarf Style would be a good choice and I agree. Any other ideas?

Oh, and you see that little flower-covered piece on top of the green laceweight? It's a measuring tape that's covered with some felted wool. I love the fact that I now have something to drop in my knitting bag to remind me of Jacq and our little swap.

Thanks ladies! You were both amazing swap pals!

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Hi Jody! I had fun sending the gifts and am glad you like them! your Jaywalker sock is looking fantastic - that is on my to-do list and you are inspiring me to try a short row heel.

Posted by: ann | Nov 17, 2005 7:25:31 AM

What fun goodies! Lucky Jody ;)

Posted by: Lolly | Nov 17, 2005 8:54:32 AM

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