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September 05, 2005

River Update -- Week 3

It's been a slow week for the KAL -- I'm sure partly because of the Labor Day weekend in the U.S.

Here's my progress this week -- I've knitted through the setup rows.



The needle comments just keep rolling in! With all this talk about Bryspun I was really curious to try them. Jessica warned against the circs having a bad join and coming apart so I decided to buy some straights.

Then on Saturday I noticed one of my LYS started carrying Bryspun circs. We're pretty friendly so I mentioned to her that I had heard there was a problem and they had been discontinued or recalled. She said she just received the shipment a few days ago. Hmmm.

I walked around the store a little more and she popped back over and offered to give me a pair to take home for free to try out. If I like them and they stay together, then just come back and pay for them (I'm in there at least once a weekend anyway, plus I'm teaching a class there in a couple weeks), and if I don't like them or there's a join problem just bring them back and let her know.

So I took them home and cast on for River. I knit the entire setup rows without a hitch. Then I stretched out the lace and bam (no, the needles didn't break apart!) the lace was HUGE. Those YOs were almost the size of quarters. They looked like holes rather than eyelets.

I've had this happen before. Usually I'm a right on gauge knitter (the recommended needles seem to work for me) but every now and then the combo of needle and yarn completely distort my gauge.

So I went back on Sunday and exchanged them for a much smaller size (4.5mm/US 7). I've again knit through the setup rows and it's looking much nicer. And the joins still seem fine.

I will say that the tip on the 6.5mm/US 10.5 was not quite as sharp as I would have liked. But it's a pretty big needle (and how often are you knitting lace on that large a size?). The 4.5mm point is quite nice.

As for whether or not I'll knit other lace with these needles -- I'm not sure. They're OK. They're certainly not crap. And I actually like the cable alot -- more than my Addi's. Why? It's made of a flexible rubber that doesn't kink and relaxes as soon as you take it out of the case. Yes I can boil my Addis to make them relax, but still, every now and then, the cable gets a little funky and needs to be dealt with. This Bryspun cable has none of that.

My perfect needle would be Addi circs with the Bryspun cable. Heaven.

As for the problem with Bryspun circs -- caveat emptor. I'm not sure if I've gotten lucky or if a new batch recently came out. So be careful! It'd be horrible to be knitting away on lace and have the needles fall apart.


Brenda has also completed the setup rows.

This is Estee's first lace project. She had one false start and has re-cast on. Go give her a little encouragement!

Heather was motoring along when she realized she was doing half of the repeat incorrectly and is probably going to start anew. I think Heather needs a little TLC too.

Kellee also cast on this week. I think she's about halfway through the setup rows (it's always hard to tell in lace). She's using the autumn colorway of Alpaca Cloud -- very pretty!

Liz also completed the cast on rows. She's using KSS and the subtle variations look gorgeous for River! The yarn is a perfect match for this pattern.

Other FOs in the KAL

A huge benefit to hosting a KAL is that you get to visit ALOT of blogs. I try to checkout everyone on the KAL at some point each weekend and note who's made River progress. This week I came across 2 non-River FOs that are really worth mentioning.

Marichan finished her Union Square Market Pullover. The sweater is great. You really have to look at all the details -- she's done a FABULOUS job making all those edges look so perfect.

If you love lace you'll flip over Melissa's amazing shawl. It's nothing short of stunning.

Non-bloggers in the KAL -- how are you doing? Leave a comment so we know, and feel free to send me pics to post.

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I felt the same way about the Bryspuns - they were just too big for the lace. I gave up on my Rosewoods - they were too slippery. Now I'm using US10 addi circs - perfect (sounds a bit like the three little bears!!). Once I got past the first set of rows (and did the second half of that backward) it has been smooth sailing!

Posted by: Jackie | Sep 5, 2005 8:23:53 AM

i have a friend who is looking for the bryspun circs. what is your LYS? thanks! laurie

Posted by: laurie | Sep 5, 2005 8:49:15 AM

So cool to see a close-up of the River pattern. The Alpaca cloud looks like it's working out well. Not that I'm buying any yarn. Or anything.

Posted by: Jenny | Sep 5, 2005 10:10:52 AM

That yarn is gorgeous, Jody! Great choice! I didn't work on River this week due to some obligation stitching that had to be done, but I'm back to it today. I'm using Lantern Moon size 10 straights for this project. Lovely needles- expensive but worth it!

Posted by: Denise | Sep 5, 2005 10:20:17 AM

I'm always interested in seeing other people's Rivers. I have gone the super cheap route and am using Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard. And I enjoyed reading about your adventures with bryspun circs.

And Jody - thank you so much for mentioning my pullover! I'm blushing! It was lots of fun to make and it's amazing to hear so many nice things about it.

Posted by: marichan | Sep 5, 2005 10:26:07 AM

Thanks for the update on the Bryspuns. I was tempted to buy a pair, but I'm just using 6mm Addis instead, and not having a problem. Your yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Kind of a River color. And thank you so much for the compliment on my Balmoral thistle shawl! I was calling it my Balmoral Thorn for awhile, because I was having so many problems. So it was a relief it turned out okay.

Posted by: Melissa | Sep 5, 2005 11:44:01 AM

finally cast on today while driving back home from the holiday weekend. i love knitting in the car...you can get so much done and not feel guilty about all the other stuff you SHOULD be doing! am using bryspun circs in US 10s...gotta say, i am not crazy about them. got them from my LYS buddy who got them them as a prototype from the bryspun rep. i'm definitely not happy about the tiny ridge between the needles and the connecting cable that you have to coax stitches over. also, i agree on the points--certainly not as pointy as i expect from this brand. will post progress pics on my blog later on.

Posted by: kate | Sep 5, 2005 4:08:27 PM

Ahh, what a great project this is! I had some reservations when I first began because I've not worked with KSH before and it took some getting used to. I'm now 10 rows into the pattern and things are moving along just fine. I had experimented with a few different needles before starting the actual pattern, and decided on my Denise needles - they're good and pointy, and I like the way the KSH slides on them.

I drafted a worksheet to go along with River - it's got checkboxes so that I can track where I am in the pattern. It's in the same style as my Clapotis worksheet which can be found on my blog. Due to the fact that River isn't a publicly published pattern, the worksheet won't be available to download from the blog. But this doesn't mean I won't share! It just means that you'll have to contact me directly for the worksheet.

I'll post pics this week...and oh yes! I forgot to say that I changed my mind about the color. Instead of Dewberry, my River is in the color Majestic.

Hope your long weekend was lovely!

Posted by: Audrey | Sep 5, 2005 7:39:56 PM

Hi Jody, just to let you know that I have finished River and just put up a post on my blog. I LOVE it!

Posted by: Agnes | Sep 8, 2005 1:06:49 PM

Thanks for another great update, Jody. I'm glad that you mentioned that you're using smaller needles, because mine has been done on 10's so far, and I just don't like it. It looks sloppy compared to everyone else's and I'm sure that it's because I need to go down in needle size. (I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me before. D'oh!)

I'm also glad to hear your review of Bryspun circs - I have only seen and used their straight needles - I'm intrigued!


Posted by: Julia | Sep 8, 2005 7:08:59 PM

Hi there, I'm new to the River KAL, and I am working on creating my own blog. I'm using KSH in Toffee, and I'm using my Denise circulars in US10. It's my first time using KSH, and I can't say that it's my favorite yarn to knit with (in fact, it's FAR from it, but the results are nice (so far I'm on the 4th repeat). I'm finding that River is actually ADDICTING! I'm making this one for my aunt's birthday present, but I'm already planning to make one for myself in KSH Trance.

Posted by: Ericka | Sep 9, 2005 10:16:56 AM

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