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February 03, 2005


I've been blogging for a little over a year now. Throughout this period my blog has taken on different voices (at least, to me it has) as I've learned what to write, what's helpful and interesting to people, and what I want my blog to be.

I'm always amazed at the number of readers I have. It's not a lot compared to some of the popular knitting blogs out there (oh, you know the ones!) but still I think I've developed a decent-sized core readership and I love it.

I know that if I post questions I'll get meaningful responses. I know that when I share something I'm proud of I'll get a few pats on the back. And I know when I need a little tough love I'll get that too.

Given this, I feel a need to write thoughtful posts -- with good content, hopefully some tips or helpful comments, and interesting progress to show.

After some real thought I just don't think I can do that if I continue to write posts every weekday. Some weeks I have TONS to share, and other weeks, life happens -- commitments at work, lots of time spent out, work on the house, whatever.

I've noticed that when I go through one of those "life happens" periods I feel guilty for not posting. None of you have made me feel that way -- it's just me. And then I feel pressured to make up for it by knitting a lot to show you what I did while I was away, and well, there's no fun in that, right?

So, I'm changing around my blogging "rules" a bit. I'll post when I have something to share. I suspect that in general I'll still be posting at least 3 times a week, and I also think I'll be doing more weekend posts. It's easier to put together a post on a lazy Sunday morning for me.

I'm also going to finally get around to posting some of those tidbits I keep saying I'll post someday -- like the slideshow for 1x1 tubular cast on. Since I won't feel so "obligated" to show progress on my knitting, I think I'll feel more relaxed about taking the time to shoot the pics and write the post.

In the end I think that will make a better blog for you to read, and a less stressful blog for me to write!

One final note: I don't feel continually stressed every day because of the blog. Truthfully, I love it! I love writing for it. I love learning how to take good pictures for it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments from you all. But if you have or have had a blog in the past, I suspect you've felt this way from time-to-time as well. Knitting is my passion, and blogging is my way to share it. Tinkering with the frequency of my posts is just my way of rebalancing the passion and the writing.

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Keep it fun. period. When it is no longer fun...why do it? I, for one, don't want to lose you! I don't comment much, but I always read and have bookmarked several pages that have been incredibly helpful to me.

On top of it all, you are a kind woman. I know this, simply because of the time and effort you take to respond to people you don't know. Some of the "big names" in knit blogging are not kind. Perhaps they were once and became burned out (lack of fun?) or perhaps they never were. I can tell you...I no longer read them. I don't have time in my life for people who do not value kindness.

off the soapbox...

Posted by: Lisa in Oregon | Feb 3, 2005 9:21:21 AM

less blogging!! more knitting!!

i think it's something in the air regionally because a lot of us have had the blog blahs to some extent.

me, i'm not posting until i get those pictures uploaded, damn it!

Posted by: heather | Feb 3, 2005 9:43:59 AM

Indeed--blog when you have something to say. That's the sort of reason my knitblog sometimes goes a week or more with nothing, if I haven't knitted anything worth sharing. Okay, so maybe checking your blog won't be part of my morning routine anymore, but I could stand to pare that down anyway. :)

Posted by: naomi | Feb 3, 2005 10:04:23 AM

Jody, I think we have all struggled with this at one point of another. I know I have as well. It is funny the obligations we make on ourselves to post. I find myself some night feeling guilty to my readers if I don't feel like knitting or don't get a picture taken some evenings. It isn't the readers that make me feel obligated, it's myself.

I agree with Lisa, I find myself more drawn to the lesser of the "big names" because it just seems like the same 'ol stuff from the big guns.
So do what you have to do, your blogging/knitting/cyber friends will be here no matter what!!

Posted by: Kate | Feb 3, 2005 10:38:28 AM

Exactly what they said. I feel the same way. I happen to have had some extra time on my hands lately, which means more copious blogging, but that will be coming to an end, at which time the blogging will have to slow down. There are natural ebbs and flows with everything; you just have to go with it.

Posted by: Norma | Feb 3, 2005 10:46:18 AM

I've given up on trying to post every day - it takes too much time and energy and many days I have nothing much to say. So post when you feel like posting and don't apologize.

Likewise, my commenting is down and I haven't been saying much on other people's blogs lately but I *do* read them every day, and I do read and enjoy yours.

Posted by: jackie | Feb 3, 2005 10:48:00 AM

That is the beauty of blogging--you can do whatever you want! You need not feel pressure to churn out the entries... you will have readers. I recently discovered your blog, and I am glad I did. Thanks for providing thoughtful posts...

Take care!

Posted by: Lolly Lauren | Feb 3, 2005 11:00:06 AM

We all struggle with the same thing and some post (if you feel obligated) just aren't worth the time. Good for you in seeking balance. I'm just glad Bloglines will let me know when you have something to share.

Posted by: Margene | Feb 3, 2005 11:32:23 AM

Your readers certainly will understand and will benefit from your continued enthusiasm for both your passion and your expression of it.

Posted by: Nathania | Feb 3, 2005 11:54:41 AM

Like Margene said, with the help of Bloglines, it won't be any inconvenience for your readers that you're changing your posting schedule because they'll know when you post and not have to check everyday. So, don't worry, be happy! :)

Posted by: Katherine | Feb 3, 2005 11:55:53 AM

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, but haven't posted before. Just wanted to say, I find your blog very inspiring. Post when you can...

Posted by: Angela | Feb 3, 2005 1:17:56 PM

I'm happy whenever anyone I read posts whether it's once a day/once a week/whenever. So long as it's fun to the writer, it's fun for the reader. :)

Thanks for writing! ~jenn

Posted by: Jenn | Feb 3, 2005 1:19:13 PM

Hey Jodi, I haven't forgotten you...I'm just low on bucks for the short term and will mail you the slipcover on the 11th, ok? By the way, good thoughts on blogging. Don't do it if you don't really feel like it. It's supposed to be fun only.

Posted by: LeAnne | Feb 3, 2005 1:28:52 PM

Hi Jody! Eh, just blog when you have time, knit when you have time. Sometimes I get weighed down with work and just can't find the time for either. I understand the self-inflicted pressure to post about finished projects -- but don't they say, it's about the process not the products?!?! =)

Posted by: Felicia from sweetgeorgia | Feb 3, 2005 1:35:20 PM

All of the above! And I so love Bloglines for alerting me when there is something new. I enjoy your blog and look forward to future posts.

Posted by: Vicki | Feb 3, 2005 1:47:24 PM

totally understand! im lucky to post once a week, and then all this stuff happens and i have a giant post to share! we are all lucky to have you online to talk to and be excited with!

Posted by: erika | Feb 3, 2005 3:03:34 PM

Ditto to above. I really enjoy reading your blog a lot. Post when you're inspired.

Posted by: General Ginger | Feb 3, 2005 3:40:21 PM

I love reading what you have to say! Keep it fun for you. This isn't a job, so don't let it stress you!

Posted by: Donna | Feb 3, 2005 6:58:42 PM

Isn't it weird that something like a blog can cause you to feel guilt. I know exactly what you mean and I think you are striking the perfect balance. Which is basically whatever works for you and your schedule. Rock on.

Posted by: Allison | Feb 3, 2005 11:31:51 PM

I've been reading your blog for a month now and love it. Whenever you get a chance to post I'll
be happy to read it.

Posted by: Jeanne | Feb 4, 2005 1:11:20 AM

I find 3X/week (at most) works for me - I don't want it to feel like a chore, and sometimes it takes a little while for the thoughts to come together.

Posted by: Mary Beth | Feb 4, 2005 8:11:39 AM

Do what you need to. Your Natalya pattern has taken the world by storm and now you can rest on your laurels. Seriously, just enjoy yourself. That's the point, and the only thing that matters.

Posted by: Cassie | Feb 4, 2005 8:49:33 AM

In my world, you are the popular knitting blog. I have learned so much about knitting from you, and for that I thank you. I will continue to love to read your blog whether you post everyday or 1 day a week. I'm glad you're making an effort to relax a little and not be so hard on yourself! We all need to do that!

Posted by: Evelyn | Feb 4, 2005 9:18:14 AM

Ditto to all that is said above! Luckily, this is one sphere of life where you are queen and get to make the rules. I for one will enjoy reading your blog and knowing that you're doing it when it fits into your life, rather than because you feel you should.

Posted by: Anmiryam | Feb 4, 2005 12:28:49 PM

Do what you are drawn to do. I appreciate your words and reflections.

Posted by: Susan | Feb 5, 2005 11:51:14 AM

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