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March 01, 2004

Pictures and Progress

Well, it has been about a week since I've posted about progress on any of my projects. I spent alot of last week going thru knitting withdrawal while working on the bedroom and knitting room. I didn't get done as much as I had hoped, but the electrical is 95% done and some of the insulation. Old houses come with so many surprises. My guess is it will be a few more months before it's totally done.


I finished the back and just started the armhole shaping on the front:


I did make a mistake though. Can you see that I started the cabling at the neckline? Well, I didn't have any stitch markers when I started it and the V goes out at an angle - the right side goes out more than the left. So I need to rip out that center portion and work it up again.

Cabled & Ribbed Sweater

I also have made some good progress on this one as well:


I've just started the special cable that goes center front just below the neckback. It sets up the cables to split out nicely into 2x2 ribbing. I think I'm about 5 inches shy of finishing the front.

And finally, would it be a Monday here without a new project?


I was so inspired by the new issue of MagKnits that I cast on for Tricot. I've been looking for something transitional to get me to the warm weather and this felt like the right choice. It's done up in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease so it was cheap too. 35 bucks and I think I have an extra skein or 2 as well. I'm doing a totally different colorway though:


I'm thinking about doing a white chain or 2 down each arm or maybe where the 2 colors meet on the body (kinda like piping). I'm also considering putting a number on the back of it. But I'll wait until it's done and do it as an applique or duplicate stitch if I decide I want to try it.

With all these projects I may need to get another knitting bag. Kerstin's blog yesterday inspired me to do a Target run tonight.

Oh yeah....and since it's Monday I'll see some of you at Perkfection!

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Progres pics are awesome. I love the stitches on Rogue. Good luck with the rip out. :) I also like your colors for Tricot. Looks fun.

Posted by: Kathleen | Mar 1, 2004 12:32:33 PM

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