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November 13, 2005



I am new to knitting, and was really impressed with how mistake rib looks like and want to make my own mistake rib scarf. I searched the web and found your site. I am finding difficulties in understanding the concept. I did several rows, but it doesn't seem to "pop up" like mistake rib needs to be. Can you help me with the right side and wrong side of the pattern?
Thankyou very much.


Do you slip the first stitch on the first row, or do you do the first row and then start slipping on the second row???



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I like so much this kind of scarf :-)
I have a doubt! I am new and I don't understand if you have to slip the first and then do *K2 P2* or the slip counts like K1, I mean, Slip K1 P2 *K2 P2*

Can you help me?
Thanks so much :-)


Hello Xulleta, This isn't my pattern, but from having used this stitch before, I can tell you that when you start each pattern, the initial Slip 1 counts as part of the K2, so each row starts with:

Sl1, K1, P2, K2, P2...

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