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January 09, 2005



These look very cool...oops i meant warm.
I will put these on the "to do" list. Thanks for sharing the pattern.


This is a GREAT pattern! Thanks so much for the free download. I posted my version (just shorter) on my blog's entry from 2/16/05 with a link to this post of yours. Thanks again!


Thanks for sharing the pattern. I think I'm going to make these to keep my hands warm while I work on the computer! Thanks for being so generous with your talent!


I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this pattern. I have done it now 4 times (4 mitts, lol, not 4 pairs) and I love it, love it. Thank you for posting the pattern. I have some friends at my knitter's nite whom loved it and had to have copies of it too. I just made my last pair with LB Cotton-Ease.
Once again, thank you :).


slm tanişiyormuyuz tanişmiyorsak msn ni açta tanişalım


I saw someone in my knitting group making these last night and I knew that I had to make them too. It's beautiful pattern and I'm looking forward to making it. I'll also be sure to post the results on my knitting blog with a link back to you ;D

By the way, I LOVE your highlights!

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